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Packmate Plantable Seed Pencil (Pack of 5) Made From 100% Recycled Paper

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  • Rs. 160.00
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Packmate Plantable Seed Germination Pencils Made From 100% Recycled Paper:

These pencils have a seed capsule at the top that contains a seed. When you plant the pencil, the seed will germinate and grow into a plant. Packmate unbleached seed germination pencil! It's a fantastic eco-friendly choice for budding gardeners and plant enthusiasts.

Eco-Conscious Design: Made from unbleached material, this pencil skips the harsh chemicals and bleaches, opting for a natural look that's gentle on the planet. Plus, the seed capsule at the top is biodegradable, adding to its green cred.

Planting Potential: Packed with a seed surprise, this pencil isn't just for writing! Plant it tip-down in some soil, water it regularly, and watch as your little seed sprouts to life. Whether it's herbs, wildflowers, or even a tiny tomato plant, the possibilities are endless!

Creative Fun: Ditch the boring old pencils and bring some green fun to your writing. Imagine the joy of gifting someone a pencil that sprouts into a plant, or using them for eco-friendly party favors or classroom activities. The possibilities are as green as your thumb!


    • Choose a sunny spot for your germinating pencil buddy.
    • Keep the soil moist but not soggy.
    • Be patient! Depending on the seed, it might take a few weeks to see a sprout, but the wait is worth it.

So, grab your Packmate unbleached seed germination pencil and get ready to write, plant, and grow something amazing! Let your creativity and green thumb flourish!