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Packmate A4 Exercise Book - Unruled (Pack of 3) Made From 100% Recycled Paper

  • Rs. 225.00
  • Rs. 600.00
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Packmate A4 Exercise Book - Unruled

The Packmate A4 Unruled Exercise Book is a premium quality exercise book that comes in a pack of 3. It is suitable for all ages and is perfect for jotting down notes, ideas, and creative projects. Made from 100% unbleached paper, it is eco-friendly and kind to the environment. With its sturdy cover, the Packmate A4 Exercise Book is perfect for everyday use both at school and in the office.

  • Brand : Packmate
  • Type  : Exercise Book
  • Colour : Natural Shade
  • Cover Design : Big Book of Bigger Ideas/ My External Memory Disk
  • Page Count : 172
  • Size : 21cm X 29.7
  • Inner pages : Unruled
  • Pack of 3  Exercise Book

    ESV (Environmental Saving Values)

    Carbon Footprint (CO2-eq)* 0.270 kg to 0.291 kg
    Water Saving 45 Ltr.
    Tree Saving 0.0255 Tree

    *Carbon footprint is the calculation of greenhouse gas emission, including CO2, that are generated by our action and their impact.