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Packmate Gold Copier - Legal,1 Ream, 500 Sheet | Made From 100% Recycled Paper

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Packmate GOLD Unbleached Natural Shade Brown Copier - Legal Size, 75-80 GSM, 1 Ream, 500 Sheets

An FSC-certified product that is made completely using recycled paper and not trees as the raw material. The unique natural colour of the paper is even easy on the eye for reading, this colour is attained as there is no bleaching of any sort added to the paper. Every single sheet of sustainable paper you use in place of conventional paper has a positive impact on your carbon footprint and on the planet. Our recycled PackMate natural shade copier paper is available in pack of 500 sheets.

Benefits of PackMate Paper
PackMate Copier is Fully Biodegradable & Recyclable.
PackMate is the first recycled natural shade copier paper in India that has the following benefits :-

  • Made from 100% recycled pulp.
  • Tree Free Paper.
  • No harmful bleaching chemicals used.
  • Upto 30,000 litres of water / MT of paper is saved when you use brown copier.
  • Almost 90 litres of water saved per Legal size ream.
  • Everytime you use PackMate product you save a tree from being cut.
  • PackMate natural shade paper is fully Printable, Scannable & Photocopiable.
  • PackMate natural shade paper is more cost effective then white Copier.
  • Bureau of Indian standard tested acceptable for all high speed printing and copying.
  • Packmate GOLD is tested at 105 pages per minute on high speed printers. 
  • 99% Jam Free tested on all inkjet and laser printers.
  • 100% Harmful chemical and bleaching free.

ESV (Environmental Saving Values)

Carbon Footprint (CO2-eq)* 0.540 kg to 0.582 kg
Water Saving 90 Ltr.
Tree Saving 0.0510 Tree

*Carbon footprint is the calculation of greenhouse gas emission, including CO2, that are generated by our action and their impact.